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There once were two boys who each grew up in their respective villages of rural Ontario.  As they grew, they both yearned for the bright lights of the big city and in due time, each said goodbye to their families and ventured out to chase their dreams.  One day, these two (now grown) men found themselves in the same city, at the same time, with the same dreams (and the same crush on one another).  Over the following years, their love for each other grew strong and their shared daydreams continued to be nurtured until, as fate would have it, they found themselves right back in their rural roots with a whole new life and dream ahead of them.  And so began Bubba & Bugs Coffee Bar.  Do they know all there is to know about coffee?  Nope.  However they do know love, they know friendship, they know family, they know dreams and that is exactly what you will taste in every cup, every plate and what you will (they hope) feel every time you step through the big pink door.   


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